The Adventure

Wines worth telling

Halfway between here and nowhere, you’ll turn left into a vineyard that doesn’t look like anything special. Most of the time it isn’t. But sometimes it is.

So we look for remarkable sites, often in unexpected places, to grow fascinating wines. Wines that represent not just stories, but epic tales of adventure, persistence and survival.

The Explorers

Fritz Schoon

Quantity surveying led to food kiosks and baking. Oude Bank Bakkerij evolved into Schoon de Companje. Lots of other things happened too. Fritz is a bread maker, businessman, and busy man. Nobody knows what he’s doing back there, but it probably includes family, baking or wine.

Henk Kotze

In 2011 Henk and Fritz opened Hawk & Schoon, a boutique wine store, above Fritz’s bakery in Stellenbosch. It has seen a number of iterations, but in many ways this provided the first home for what is now Saga Vineyards; a way to explore a shared passion for wine, stories, and adventure. 

Reenen Borman

Following in dad Jacques’ footsteps was always going to be a challenge, but Reenen has made it look easy, in part by creating his own path. Along with Henk and Fritz, Saga Vineyards allows these friends to focus on what they believe is important. And things that aren’t important at all.

The Wines

For the time being, we make four wines under two different labels. You’ll discover more about the ideas behind them, and the wines they produce, below.

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